Mer del Cielo

Brief Bio

Mer del Cielo is an artist specializing in paintings that combine oil, acrylic and mixed media.

A native of Argentina, Mer del Cielo headed for New York City while still an adolescent, counting on a short stay.  She ended up remaining for three decades, raising a human, animal and a botanical family while working for the United Nations as a specialist on developing countries.

Her experiences in three continents profoundly modified Mer del Cielo's perception of the world and her place in it, becoming the source of an artistic vision that mixes elements of ancestral cultures with her own contemporary sensibility.

Artist Statement

"I do not believe that art can heal society’s ills:  what it can do is touch our souls and soothe our sorrows.  I hope that my paintings speak for my core interests:  the ties that intertwine us human beings with each other, with nature and with the other species on earth."

Formal Studies


2008:  Advanced Landscape Painting with Ewa Stryjnik, Anne Tanenbaum School of Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, Canada.

2006 - 2007:  Painting with Seth Michael Forman, Westchester Center for the Arts, New York, USA.

2006:  Drawing and Watercolor Techniques, Hastings School, New York, USA.

Most Recent Exhibits

June - September 2019:   Art' in Lima, Museu dos Terceiros, Ponte de Lima, Portugal.

June 2019:   Escola Superior Náutica Infante D.Henrique, Paço d'Arcos, Portugal.

June - September 2018:   Lethes Art, Museu dos Terceiros, Ponte de Lima, Portugal.

May 2018:    Salão de Primavera, Paço das Artes, Paço d'Arcos, Portugal.

January 2018:   Individual Exposition, Faculdade de Letras, University of Lisbon, Portugal. 

November - December 2017:   Fábrica Braço de Prata Marvila, Lisbon, Portugal. 

July - September 2017:   Lethes Art, Ponte de Lima, Portugal.

July 2017:   Individual Exposition, Paço de Artes, Paço d' Arcos, Portugal.

May 2017:   Artists of the World Exhibit, Galeria Natalia Gromicho, Lisbon, Portugal.

April - May 2017:   14th Salão de Abril, Centro Cultural de Paço d' Arcos, Portugal.

March 2017:   Spring Salon, Escola Superior Náutica Infante D. Henrique, Paço d' Arcos, Portugal, simultaneously with Sala "Elisiário Carvalho", Paço de Artes, Paço d' Arcos, Portugal. 

November 2016:   10 Argentine Artists, Instituto Camões, Lisbon, Portugal.

April 2015:   ArtExpo, New York, USA.

April 2014:   Contemporary Artists Show, Galería Roca, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

February 2014:   Post-War and Contemporary Fine Arts Show, Palm Springs, California, USA.

January 2014:   Art Palm Beach, Palm Beach, Florida, USA.

Paço d'Arcos, Portugal.